Why Healthcare City?


Why Healthcare City?

In the ranking of cities of the country, Isfahan is considered a metropolis. But we take a look at what the reasons for creating a Healthcare City justify. For years, the establishment of Healthcare City has been on the agenda of the city authorities. However, for whatever reason, it has not emerged Considering that the demographic growth and the intangible increase of doctors in the city center has increased considerably, therefore the opportunity to ̣create a center adapted to the needs and well-being of people has been lost, therefore on the one hand the multiplicity of patients increases slowly and the plurality of doctors on the other hand, the formation of Healthcare cities was essential.

Today, a large number of patients are faced with many problems of access to the doctor, the most important of which are:

A: The problem of heavy traffic on the streets where the largest number of doctors are stationed.

B: Parking problems that sometimes have to be bypassed for more than an hour in order to find a parking place.

C: From the location of the car park to the doctor's office, the conditions are not suitable for the movement of many patients and sometimes they face unintended injuries.

D: Having these problems, the patient suffers from anxiety, stress, fatigue, complications and injuries caused by the above factors, which becomes a new problem.

E: The doctor who has basically acquired a rigged mansion, which of course is not very suitable for medicine, cannot use all the health facilities and technologies for the patient.

F: And: Corridors, elevators and dense waiting rooms of different types of patients and sometimes hard and contagious patients have added complications to other complications.

Considering what has been said and many other reasons for the creation of Healthcare City, it is definitely a necessity of metropolises and especially metropolises of Isfahan.


  1. Early stages:

In the spring of 2011, after the first negotiations of the Municipality of Isfahan with Prestige Land Iran Company (executor Isfahan City Center project), which had demonstrated their skills in design, construction engineering and the creation of a study institute to apply the latest achievements of science and technology in the structure, a preliminary agreement has been reached to set up the joint IHCC with the Municipality of Isfahan. And immediately, phase zero activities began, that is, the preliminary investigations, including visiting similar units abroad and obtaining a vision of the capacity and the scale and how things flow through these centers. Finally, in the summer of 2011, (IHCC) was established with a very broad perspective and with the participation of the Isfahan community. And without interruption, various measures were taken to meet the requirements of the project.


Step 1, ̣select location:

In the first stage, he determined the necessary conditions for choosing a place, namely:

A: The chosen location should be able to quickly and easily transport patients to a healthy city, despite the heavy traffic of the city and the use of existing detours.

B: The location should be in or near the center of a densely populated center as soon as possible.

C: The location must be close to the area where the patient may be infected.

D: The dwelling must be located in a location suitable for future development.

 (E) The IHCC should be ̣open to creating a modern and well-equipped center with today's standards of the world with advanced medical and health technology.

By placing the above conditions, the study began in the geographical area of Isfahan city and finally after a painstaking and adventurous program finally in October 2011, the current location was chosen on Aghababaei Highway in Isfahan. A place that, if not all conditions, had at least the most appropriate conditions.


The second step was to ̣select a capable and experienced company in designing and constructing such centers for IHCC design:


After selecting the location of the project as follows, finally, a land of 3500 on the eastern side of Aghababaei Highway was provided to IHCC Company. Also, about 100,000 square meters were also intended in the field of health and future development for health and future development uses. After reviewing and preliminary studies, IHCC Company finally chose Cadiz International Company which had good experience in designing several healthcare and also a valuable background in the design of Isfahan City Center for designing this center.

Cadiz started its project based on detailed studies requiring such a project in Isfahan and finally delivered its plan in June 2012 to Isfahan Healthcare City Company.


After selecting the project site as below, 3,500 square meters of land on the east side of the Agababaei Highway are finally available for the IHCC Company. Approximately 100,000 square feet of health and future development are targeted for future health and development applications. After initial evaluation and research, IHCC finally created Cadiz International, which has excellent experience designing a variety of healthcare facilities and has invaluable background designing the Isfahan center for the design of this center. Cadiz initiated the project in Isfahan on the basis of detailed research required by that project and ultimately delivered the plan to Isfahan Healthcare City Company in June 2012.


Step 3: Starting the executive operation:

It was important IHCC Company who landed the first pickaxe for the start of the executive operation. Therefore, with previous coordination, an invitation was made to the proud and proud Iranian scientist, Professor Samii, to ̣begin the executive operation. He openly accepted the IHCC invitation and during a magnificent ceremony held on 03/10/2011 with the presence of the Mayor of Isfahan and other officials, the opening pickaxe of Eram healthcare city was handed over to Mubarak him and Dr. Saghaeiannejad, mayor of Isfahan, and in March 2012, the key to the operation was struck.

Professor Samii, who is a neuroscientist, was proud to assist the IHCC in achieving its goals, which are to improve medical and health services in Isfahan metropolis.


Step 4:

The determination of the IHCC was to achieve the planning for the operation period and the organization of the clinics. In order to achieve the goals, The Healthcare city established a committee called the guiding Committee with a description of the task that crystallizes the goals and demands of the Healthcare City for a new service in the field of medicine and health. This committee combines experienced personalities in various fields including statistics and complete medical information of Isfahan, recognition of all general practitioners specializing and subspecialty of Isfahan, recognition of scientific figures in the field of medicine and health, knowledge of academic space and Isfahan medical sciences, specializing in comprehensive operational needs, having experience in recognizing and arranging the required forces in the field of paraclinics, Administrative and planning training required for these groups as well as designing a mechanized system of workflow using IT knowledge and the latest phenomena in virtual and radio communications and finally scheduled planning and managing it for all mentioned matters.


Step 5: Defining the IHCC Doctrine by guiding committee:


During detailed studies and sometimes field studies, the committee concentrated on the preparation and drafting of macro-objectives, strategies, short and long-term plans, key tactics and, in general, what were the requirements for the elaboration of the vision document. The steering committee then, in intensive work and with the help of scientists and experts, submitted its achievements in the formulation of the vision document to the processing of the theory.

Among the groups that helped develop the vision document were the group of senior, expert and credible physicians who formed the think tank of Healthcare city.


The result of this valuable teamwork was the formulation of a vision document that was done to optimize the logical, easy and productive circulation of issues between the three factors patient, doctor and practice. According to the founder's belief in the central creation of patient-centered in seven defined goals, which briefly are as follows:


Objective 1: Achieving method that puts the tripartite relationship between the patient, the physician and the office in a logical circulation.


Objective 2: Developing a comprehensive plan for the operational period.


Objective 3: Creating a model for the country with central processing with optimal order and service for the patient.


Objective 4: Passing monopoly and establishing constructive competition in the field of medical service.


Objective 5: Initiating a patient-centered movement with a pattern of taking from developed countries.


Objective 6: Reopening the IHCC's deep relationship with top Iranian physicians in the world and hosting reputable foreign physicians.


Objective 7: Attracting health tourists and gaining scientific credibility for the country.


The vision paper was approved by the guiding Committee on 31/11/2012 in the sixth revision and then approved by the CEO of Prestigeland Company, the founder of IHCC. The CEO of Prestigeland, based on the values stated in the vision paper and the seven objectives mentioned briefly. What the guiding Committee should have on the agenda has been defined as (the description of the duties of the guiding committee) on which the continuation of the committee's work has been formed.