Frequently Asked Questions

1)What is a Healthcare City?

Isfahan Healthcare City is a complex consisting of four phases. The first phase consists of comprehensive clinics, the second phase is paraclinical, the third phase of the 4-star hotel and the fourth phase is the 1,000-bed hospital.

For more information, see the introduction section of IHCC or see this video.

2)What doctors and specialties does it have?

In the first phase of Isfahan Healthcare City complex, where comprehensive clinics are established, specialties include:





5. Urology and Male Infertility


7. Brest

8. Skin

9. Limited Surgery

10. Plastic Surgery

11. Ophthalmology

12. Dentistry

13. Pediatric Dentistry

14. Pain-Palliative Support

15. Psychiatry

16. Rheumatology

17. Women and Visas

18. Physical Medicine and Physiotherapy

19. Sports Medicine

20. Infectious

21. Endocrinology

22. Cardiology

23. Gastroenterology

24. ENT

25. Neurology

26. Nephrology

3)How to invest in Healthcare City?

Investment in Isfahan Healthcare City is done in commercial and medical forms.

Commercial units include medical equipment, sports medicine, hyper health, restaurant, etc. It is.

Medical units also include all clinics that provide health services to clients.

Applicants can only purchase the units designated for the user and in accordance with the conditions set for sale in the contract of sale.

Commercial units with a minimum area of 50 meters. For cost information and more information related to business units, please contact sales offices.

 Sales Offices Phone Number+98 31-3100 – EX:9

Medical units are in the form of comprehensive personal clinics with a minimum area of 300 meters. For more information about the costs and more information about medical units, please contact the sales offices.

Sales Offices Phone Number+98 31-3100 – EX:9

4)When will the operation of each phase of IHCC take place?

The operations of the first phase of Isfahan Healthcare City started in December 2017. The further development of the first phase and the operation of phases 2 and 3 will be the priority of the purchase or closure.

5)How can clients take turns?


The appointment of the patients is done in five ways:

  • IHCC Online Portal
  • By telephone
  • In person at the location of IHCC
  • Kiosks at the city
  • Contacting the receptionist

6) How can I contact the Healthcare City authorities?

Phone Number: +98 31-3100