perspective on health care city is developed on the following seven targets:
The first objective : designing a regular and step by step schedule to help better urban organization regarding the present situation towards an optimum arrangement and discipline in relation to the three.
Factors of the doctor, the patient and the clinic.
The second objective: to develop a detailed and comprehensive plan of action under the foundation of all activities in the health care city. In this program all the needs of the patient including medical, laboratory, pharmacy, physiotherapy, medical equipment stores and services related to it as well as restaurants with healthy food, etic will be provided.
The third objective: to build a better model applicable to other centers that are interested in benefiting from this experience including Isfahan or other cities of the country and offer them this experience.
The fourth objective: a free approach based on the elements of competition and encouragement free from any force and coercion to accomplish the                 Tran’s formation, change, conversion and reform in the foundations of medical services before treatment and protection and promotion of health of people in the city of Isfahan.
The fifth objective: The beginning of the patient – centered movement in Iran in order to protect the health of the patient after the recovery period. It is a model of advanced medical institutions in developed countries of the word who have achieved good results in this area.
The sixth objective: creating a broader and deeper relationship with Iranian doctor. Researchers and scientists in the Reid of medicine and health who are living abroad.    
The seventh objective: attracting health tourists with a view to obtaining scientific validity for the country on the one hand and helping the improvement of the economy of the country on the other hand.
A brief description of the purposes of the seven objectives.
The first objective:  to this end, when IHCC starts working with higher standards and better quality health services, the municipality can codify a regulation via the aid of authorities in the field medicine and health which demands a logical without any pressure.  
For example while supporting citizenship rights, (if regulations permit) the municipality will say that city, so medical doctors should also improve the quality for their services.
This may results in not transiting medical offices but surely results in the improvement of medical services to the patients (including parking service) , which because of the involvement of the municipality in this project , it is a valuable achievement for the city and its residents.
Objective two:
A brief description: developing an applicable plan for the fulfillment of the second goal the following points should be considered.
A. In order to find and ̣select an optimum plan for the IHCC exploitation period, it is modeled based on the tested plan of these centers in developed countries.
In order to adjust the plan for domestic use, the suggestions presented by the think tank and future recommendations will be used.   

B. Considerations of public health, environment and its beauty, development of patient transfer from one stage to the next stage for ease of examination by the doctor and other detailed points which will be included in the body of the plan.
consideration of ideological issues, observation of formality and customs, inclusion of sociological issues especially need in environments like IHCC to respect the patients and those accompanying him/her are probably anxious   and should be treated with patience and kindness.
D: In IT sector of the center an electronic file will be opened for his/her completed medical records and information. If  the patient refers to a medical  center anywhere in the  word, by submitting his/her password , his/her medical records will be available to medical doctors so any possible (sometimes  irreparable )  mistakes will be prevented.
E: under this plan, patient’s condition is monitored regularly, for the improved patient’s health. Via a data bank the system will present precautions automatic ally and patient receives warnings and required treatments through SMS, Email and  the like so that : first , regular watch outs won’t be ignored and second : it is not needed to spend extra times, bad jet and frequent referral to IHCC.  
 The complete and applicable description of these items will be presented by project control section.
Brief description of the third objective:
Based on the objective, Isfahan health care center will be a model for other areas of Isfahan and even other cities of the country so issues like complete registration of engineering design, trial and errors    which are inevitable , also development of methods and programs of implementation period which tremendous time has been spent on them and hundreds of events in which valuable experiences have been used in them all must be documented and kept in control project department using advanced scientific methods. The possibility of offering this experience to others as the first experience in Iran, depends UN sqentific methods of classification, documentation and storage.  
The fourth objective:
brief description of the fourth objective:
Based on this objective , although the municipality as a partner in IHCC and more importantly in charge of organizing the city of Isfahan demands decreasing a lot of referrals of the patient from several points of the city with traffic congestion , but exerts no force to transfer medical doctors’ offices  to other areas, rather the plan has an encouraging vision. Moreover , first of all IHCC doesn’t have the capacity to accept all the medical doctors and second IHCC has terms and conditions that everybody is not willing to accept them.
Objective five:
Brief description of objective five:
 A.IM placentation of the “patient- oriented “principle is basically a project itself which has been implemented in many countries under the title of                       “CARE MORE”. One of Iranian founders of this plan in UNIDED States is also a partner in IHCC.
In a meeting with IHCC strategic committee in Isfahan he has mentioned that “CARE MORE” institute nut only has been able to provide improved health in the society but also has gained significant profits as well.
B. In pursuing its goals and due to the fact that because the municipality as a partner commits itself to the citizens of Isfahan IHCC intends to ̣create correction and change in services before treat meant  so that this methodology will widespread and become an acceptable routine.
Objective six:
Brief description of objective six:
A. By inviting prominent physicians who live abroad , for the treatment of special illnesses who refer to IHCC , it will try to not only provide services like surgical operations  via the aid of the adjutant hospital but also improving service provision of the adjutant hospital of IHCC. So for prominent figures like professor samie  , professor movahed and doctor mirzaian have announced that they are ready to cooperate with IHCC and we are proud of it.
B. During  this program non- Iranian physicians , scientists and researchers will be invited to our country and through holding scientific conference in the field of medical and health , the knowledge and information of our fellow  citizens  about before – treatment services will improve .
Objective seven:
Brief description of objective seven : attracting health tourists is important from several aspects:
first: it is the raising of a professional sqentificfly in the domain of medicine and health which is considered a dignity for our country.
Second: Health tourism is also part of IHCC goals which is basically regardless of nationality and creed.

Third: Health tourism has some expectation at the level of international standards and permanent visiting of such patients in IHCC is an everlasting warning for health care follow the latest scientific achievements and required standards at international level.
Fourth: Health tourism can be a good source of money making for optimization and modernization of the health town and providing part of the foreign exchange costs a more broad , complete and applicable description of control unit this project will be operationalized .